1. West Thalia

From the recording Would It Be the Same

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West Thalia

Should have left this old town
I stuck around way too long
This West Texas town is moving on
Times change and then they're gone
It's just another story about a small time town
And your soul will die if you stick around
In West Thalia........

My girlfriend's here and she's still mine
But she knows we're just passing time
My brother's coming up the drive
Stays drunk just to stay alive
'Cause Dad's always talking about a brand new day
When West Thalia was a different place
We all know it's not here anymore
All those tired eyes down at the county store
In West Thalia.....

People here, well, they still know my name
And all the roots we share, they don't go away
We all know that it's time for a change
All our lives like tumbleweeds blowing out on the plains
Of West Thalia......

Sometimes I come back just to look around
Our old movie theater has just closed down
A lot of people I knew, well, they've moved away
What's in my heart will always stay
In West Thalia
In West Thalia
In West Thalia
In West Thalia

In West Thalia.......