Dirk Kroll has an impressive collection.  The Pontiac blues rock singer-songwriter doesn't collect coins, cards or clippings.  Instead, he gathers an array of life experiences, stories and moments and shapes them into earnest sonic tales about everyday opportunities and challenges” - Lori Stratton

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Dirk's Story

DIRK KROLL moved from Southern California to Metro Detroit at a young age with both a Sonny Rollins and an Eddie Cochran album in tow. In no time, he fell in love with the Motown sound showcasing the power of strong vocal delivery combined with fantastic melodies. Kroll's songs are influenced by early British Pop-Rock from across the Atlantic and back, blues, funk, ska and elements of Americana. Holding several Detroit Music Award nominations over the years, including awarded the Outstanding Rock/Pop Songwriter Award for 2021 and 2020, Kroll continues to compose songs regularly and fronts the DIRK KROLL BAND with genre-spanning storied songs featuring horns, keyboards and blended vocal harmonies.

Dirk Kroll writes some punchy pop-rock music with just a good amount of grit and a charismatic swagger. The solo's are fast, flame-wreathed whips and the bass/drum combo sets a solid groove.  The vocals can range from soft croon to high creaked crescendos, from sing-speak taunts and flirtations to heartfelt heaves of wavy melodies and dulcet intonations. But, when you get right  down to it, the Dirk Kroll Band's " Living Inside" are some sure-fire toe-tappers, soulful rock 'n' roll riffers, and ideal mid-summer night's celebratory theme songs” - Jeff Milo


Having experienced THE DIRK KROLL BAND on my show brought the art of songwriting to the fore with laced harmonies woven throughout their music.  Dirk Kroll is truly a musical architect. Each tune that's on their new CD speaks to the full gambit of emotions. It's great that we still have people following their musical passion by taking serious their craft. Each member of the band makes the puzzle complete. You've got to see them.” - Sheldon Kay

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Composed of veterans of the Detroit music scene, DKB is a ragtag group of well-seasoned musicians at the top of their game. The new recording "Living Inside" offers an appealing mix of moody blues, surf rock guitar, and the pop sensibilities of peak Elvis Costello.  This album plays like your favorite record, the one that you found in the back of a vinyl shop and bought on a whim. Check out the track  " I Like the Way",  full of power-pop swagger with a catchy chorus. Their approach may not be novel, but it's solid; each solo or layered harmony rolls through easy like a summer afternoon. Pay close attention to the lyrics; melancholic, poetic and a little sly.  Kroll takes his time with composition, crafting a smooth musical backdrop for his storytelling. The DKB represents the best of today's singer/songwriters, swirled with a touch of early Rolling Stones, and aged well in a vat of Detroit's rock 'n' roll.” - Lianna Trimble

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