1. Blazing Red


Blazing Red
Lyrics and music by Dirk Kroll

Meet me in the parking lot
There'll be furtive glances from afar
Can't meet in all those same old places
Away from prying eyes
Our time,our secret long ago
And our time is now at hand
Over and over we get it right
And still we're off into the night

Don't go out in public
We can't meet there
'Cause I don't even know you
And I wish I didn't care
From the time I met you
You have always been the same
And it's so damn easy to love you
That it drives me insane

Deafening explosions
And there's broken glass all around
The shock was felt for miles
And the city made no sound
Our time, it seems so short
And it might not come 'round again
I'll see you in the rising sun
And you'll see me go down
Blazing Red
Blazing Red